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Filling Instruction
for Propane (liquified) in cylinder or tank



To modify a standard POL propane tank filler the following steps must be followed:

A. Install a pipe tee (6) suitable for propane between he POL tank filler (A) and the propane filler shut off valve (#3).

B. Install a standard propane, quick close valve (#2) into the third opening in the pipe tee (B).

C. Fabricate a funnel (C) that can be threaded into the open port on valve #2. This completes the modification.



To fill a standard propane cylinder with the proper amount of EF and propane, complete the following steps:

1. Make sure all valves #1, #2, and #3 are closed completely.

2. Thread the POL filler (A) into the propane cylinder valve #1. Properly tighten the filler to prevent any leaking.

3. Open valve #2 and pour the pre-measured amount of EF into funnel (C). Inject proper amount of EF. The EF will flow into the filler pipe. Close valve #2 !!!!!

4. Make sure valve #2 is closed. Then open valve #1 on the propane cylinder.

5. Open valve #3 on filler hose and fill the cylinder with the proper amount of propane. When the propane first starts flowing into the cylinder the EF is carried into the cylinder with the propane. Close valve #3.

6. Close valve #1. Remove the filler from the cylinder. This completes the filling cycle.

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