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Eminent scientist confirms energy-enhancing technology developed by Dean F. Johnson CEO of energy companies in St. Petersburg, FL.

Dr. Richard T. Schneider, professor Emeritus, Department of Nuclear Engineering Sciences, University of Florida, began research on Johnson’s technology in 1980 and was impressed by its ability to eliminate pollution from internal combustion engines and increase the thermal energy of all hydrocarbons.

Here we quote Dr Schneider “Dean; Yes you are correct with Stefan Boltzmann. This law is valid for all plasmas. You are also correct in claiming that RxP* has the same effect as injecting water in the engine. An increase in efficiency of 10% is quite reasonable.”

This technology changes the rate of oxidation (combustion) of the hydrogen atom and oxygen to a gaseous state and restricts the infrared radiation from escaping the combustion area. Dr. Schneider's laboratory measured the temperature increase as high as 200 degrees centigrade. Dr. Schneider explained this thermal increase is a result of one of the basic laws of physics (Stephan-Boltzmann Law).

Dr. Schneider has been honored for many scientific contributions to the US Army, Navy, Air Force, DOE and NASA who has awarded him their highest award; their medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement. Dr. Schneider is the holder of 24 patents, 3 relating to gasification for energy production, and is presently with his associates completing a gasification method for converting solids for use in the internal combustion engines

Test at St. Mary’s Hospital Long Beach of 100% bio-diesel under California CARB pollution rules, increased thermal value 8% and pollution combustion was far less than allowed. Featured in Los Angles Times.

Test by Orlando Labs show a 17.9% increase in BTUs in kerosene

30-day test by Suburban Propane in South Carolina enabled propane gas to save 21% of the fuel to bring hot water heaters and furnaces to temperature.

Test of Bio-mass by Commercial Testing and Engineering Co. Heating value ASTM D-0240 Increased Bio-Mass (BTUs) heating value13.24%.

* RxP is developed with the same technology of EF, but with the different chemical formula.

Corroborating information is available on www.deantec.com

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